Custom Hats for Sonoma Valley

These Sonoma Valley is the closest wine region to San Francisco, just 45 minutes north, and the birthplace of the California premium wine industry. The Franciscan Mission fathers, who founded the Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma in 1823, also planted vineyards here in 1824. In 1857, Hungarian “Count” Agoston Haraszthy, a pioneer in wine research, planted the first major vineyard of European varieties in Sonoma, setting California on the path to becoming the leading wine region in the United States.

Today you can visit the Franciscan Mission, the last of 21 California missions established by Father Junipero Serra, located on the historic Sonoma Plaza, and see the original quarters of the earliest grape growers. The nearby Buena Vista winery, founded by Haraszthy, is the state’s first premium winery and a California Historical Landmark. You can then explore the rest of the Valley’s vineyards, where many of the world’s finest wines continue to be born.

Sonoma Valley Wine Hats

Custom Sonoma Valley Wine Hats

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