Richardson 112 Hats: Our Best Seller

    Richardson 112 hats are one of the most popular hats on the market today, and itís no wonder that they are our best seller! This 6 panel mesh back is exactly what you picture when you think of the classic trucker hat. Throughout the industry, it is known as being a high-quality and comfortable hat that sets the standard for all other trucker hats on the market.

    At Cap Wholesalers, we feature several different types of the Richardson 112, so youíll always have the style that suits you best. With over 90 color combinations available, a wide range of camo options, and other patterns to choose from, we have the widest array of wholesale Richardson 112 hats you can find. We keep our inventory up to date with the latest styles, so youíll always have the newest hat available.

    All of our hats are completely customizable and can be used for a wide range of events as well as promotional giveaways. Adding your corporate logo to a hat is a great item to take with you to trade shows, and custom hats make a great gift that your customers will use again and again. You can purchase blank Richardson 112 hats and have them customized or embroidered by our sister company Customized Wear for a cost-effective shopping experience.

    And with a low minimum purchase, purchasing bulk Richardson 112 hats doesnít mean youíll be stuck with a bunch of extra inventory. A 12-hat minimum ensures that youíll be able to buy just the right amount for whatever event you need. Shop our selection of Richardson 112ís today!